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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Almost midnight, website repaired, 14 hours of my life staring at this laptop!

Why website builders aren't more user friendly to those of us that don't read HTML code, is beyond my perception! Tired, publishing for over a week now, I choose a setting to change the display of the website. I thought its nowhere as good as the original, so I push the preview button to check it out, but in my haze of hours past I press the publish button by mistake. Noooooooo! Of course there is no UNDO button and the last time it was officially saved anywhere was including some lame layout changes.

There was no alternative but to choose another template and start from scratch. Ewwww, yes I did. From early this morning, until now near midnight I recreated the website and put my pics back on the blog post about stained glass pet windows. Productive? Yes. Better than the original? Yes, I think so. Grouped the artwork into separate pages, one for stained glass and one for glass beads... only to find out I could not add any other pages to put my drawings, paintings and pictures of my artistic travels. Damn! So, I have figured it all out and after only a little bit of time tomorrow morning, the beads will be up on the bead page and for now, I will be done.

I supposed on Monday, I'll begin putting together bracelets with the beads and sterling silver and posting them on the bead page for sale. That will be fun and exciting! I'm looking forward to it. I'm an artist, I shouldn't be spending a zillion hours pretending to be a webpage designer... it doesn't make for a happy artist, no it doesn't. But I am glad that I stayed focused on it all day long and did absolutely nothing else in order to complete it. Whew!

Now, where did my glass of wine go to...?

Can I pat myself on the back yet?
Hope so,

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  1. Well I'll say it....IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! Focus was good Grasshopper. Can't wait to see the new jewelery;>)