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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Blog Stays on Google Blogger!

After what seemed like only an hour, but really was many hours that I spent designing website pages, I have determined that the blog will remain right here with Google Blogger! So THIS is the place to post from now on and is the page that will direct you to when you choose the link for "BLOG".

Hot as hell today, humidity like cheesecake, ugh! No artwork happening today, sorry to say.


  1. What a beautiful web page!!!Been waiting to post something you plan on showing your art at any shows in the South East this year?

  2. Possibly at Mt. Dora, Florida but not sure yet, since it's already July I'll probably wait until 2012. Thanks

  3. I recently showed a friend your web page and they were wondering if you make the spacers or is there choices in that part of the design?

    Please don't wait until 2012, the Mt. Dora Art Festival is one of the largest in the Central Florida area...would love to see you there this year.

  4. I thought they just had one this year in February? Do they have two per year?

  5. Spacers are plain, small beads all the same. It seems assembly line work to me, not creative at all so I stay away from selling those types of beads and just make them for myself. I know someone who was doing it and would get orders for 200 spacers! That would not be a creative endeavor. Thanks for asking.