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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pictures will be up tonight or tomorrow, Bead Jewelry for Sale

The day at the torch was awesome, hours passed in the blink of an eye. Oh, except for when I burned my thumb and area around it in the torch, ouch! Good thing I had my fire-retardant fingerless gloves on to protect the rest of my hand, wish it covered most of my thumb though. Hmmm, I may cut some off the end of the sleeve and make a little thumb for the gloves. It still hurts, that's what happens when you're into that fire meditation too much, you lose awareness. Besides that, I had a new torch station and getting used to having arm & wrist rests was really weird. Check out this photo of the "Creation Station".

I really loved it, made the comfort level go way up and hours passed quickly. I was exploring a new bead technique that uses the glow of translucent colors layered in a way to mimic whale bayleens. The lined rows of filter feeder bone inside a whale, yea, it wasn't my idea to name it that as a fellow beadmaker already took that initiative. Anyway, here is a quick, yet somewhat blurry iPhone pic of a torch moment.
And I'll give you one more so you can see the hot, long flame that easily melted my skin in a matter of a millisecond. Its an awesome GTT Scorpion Torch, ($$$) new to my studio and I'm just getting used to it. Four knobs to regulate gas and oxygen instead of two and three times the flame power in just the inner flame... couldn't tell you how huge the outer flame is... gigantic like a huge barbeque grill on fire.
I spent most of today updating my webpage from being too colorful and busy, to a more sophisticated look and simpler. Hope you'll find it easier to look around there. New bead earrings and bracelets will be up there tonight and into tomorrow as I took a lot of photos today of jewelry for sale. Invite your friends... or have me over for a bead party! Now there's an idea!

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