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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tour the Torch Beadmaking Work Area

Here is a quick tour of the torch table where the beads are created, even though its a mess which is usually is because creativity and neatness never seem to go together. The other day I received almost $300 of new glass rods in colors I've not worked with before. It was exciting to unpack them all and put them in their places in my rod stash tubes! Because of that incoming order you will see that the work table has a limited amount of rods laying on the right side of the torch. Usually, that area is piled with rods, especially after a six hour torching session, it can be quite messy!

Last evening's session ended up quite successful with beautiful Tuxedo Black beads covered in silver foil which was burned off, leaving specks of silver all over the beads. Then translucent teal/turquoise was added over the ivory details to give dimension and exciting color. Oh, I almost forgot, I used a rod that is almost impossible for me to get hot without it exploding and sending shards of glass all over the room and it's call Gold Aventurine. It easily heated up in the new Scorpion torch, was applied in various places and the gold particles just sparkle in such an awesome way, it was a great addition to the beads. I ended up creating an entire set and they all turned out very well. Woohoo!

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