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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I really can't say what happened between January 4th and now, which is October 11, 2012. Too cold of a winter to work in the glass studio. Add to that a couple surgeries and before you know it life passes you by.

The little that I have created are mostly still works in progress, slow progress at that. I watched the most awesome watercolor video by Robert Simmons, he does "water media", watercolors and acrylics in washes. His work is amazing, his techniques adaptable to any artist. I found him truly inspiring.

Much time has been spent staring at my torch, telling myself to hook up those oxygen concentrators, just sit down and get started, warm up with making some twisties and little murrini. Problem is, I was emotionally immobilized and only managed to torch maybe four times. Now with the change of seasons, I feel motivated to play with fire, melt glass and make translucent beads that light shines through. Hopefully, some "Bayleen Beads" are in the near future, they are awesomely colorful and mysterious.

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