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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Glass beads, stained glass, pottery, watercolor...or nothing.

So, here sits a great opportunity for blogging and its passing me by. "What!?", you're thinking. True, I am here now and that's only because the dreary, dark, cold rain has influenced my thinking and stomped on what little artistic creativity i was feeling. What is much needed is some music to motivate a few dew-covered brain cells. I used to love rainy days, yet recently with bare trees, brown leaves scattered across the land and cold temps, I'm not feeling the love for a day like this.

I've got a small pottery studio setup indoors and the big kiln is wired with electricity. Seems like I may just have to pretend to be a snowbird. Let nice weather give birth to beads galore and for wintertime, instead of going south to the tropics In my mind I can escape to a nice warm pottery studio. Perhaps I have found a solution to the problem of having a glass studio in a semi-enclosed porch/sunroom. I sure hope so. ❤

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