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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birthday Thoughs~

Today is the anniversary of my life-long friend's birth. A day that makes me smile and so glad to have her in my life for all these years. Considering myself gifted to be so close to someone who has a heart of gold and a sense of humor that lets me know there is a bit of impulsive craziness in her, that I truly adore.

When she reaches out, I am there to steady her and be her guide. Little does she realize, she is the one who keeps me grounded. Of course, there are our creative endeavors when we put our minds together and journey with our dreams, wishes, and our belief in ourselves that always seems to present us with something new for our journey through life. When I reach out to her, she becomes the wise and all-knowing energy I seek. This is a very balanced friendship and I cherish it, always.

A new journey on the horizon, as we soon travel southwest to New Orleans, Louisianna to explore the people's culture together and visit with those we love. With anticipation I await such fun! My friend will only be the "older and wiser woman" for a short while, as my birthday will be here before the daffodils bloom in the warmth of spring. Then we are back to common ground, as two women sharing hearts and life's adventures. Happy Birthday! ❤

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