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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How many years has it been? They say water a plant it survives, ignore a blog it dies, oh well.

They say water a plant it survives, ignore a blog it dies, oh well. Actually, "they" don't say that, I just made it up, right now. Very appropriate given my situation, it would be the poetic cousin to just saying, "I'm baaaaaack".

So, it's now two and half years since my last post and I'm thinking why bother, nobody follow this blog anymore and it is my own doing. Truthfully, so much has happened that I'm not sure where to begin. Not that anyone will read this, but I'll continue because you never know where a blog will take you.

Now and until the end of time, we are living on the water with the Chesapeake Bay easily viewed from the front of my home. I never dreamed it would be in Virginia, yet, here we are despite our years of dreaming of retiring to South Carolina. Hmmmm, can't be picky on some things in life, you just have to flow and see where this journey takes you and who enriches your life along the way while hopefully, you enrich someone else's life. I can go with that, yes I can.

We unexpectedly sold our house in ten days, yes, ten whole days after it was listed. Not what we expected, but I must remember I'm the one who likes unplanned life events. We lived for a year in a 100 year old farmhouse thinking of buying it but truthfully, once you live in a place then the truth of the home is slowly revealed to you along with the $30,000 plus in funds that would be needed to improve it structurally..... yea, you guessed it, we didn't buy that house. Although it was directly across the street from where my husband's 28 foot sailboat was docked, we chose a home five houses down the street with waterfront views from every window except for one small back room. This home although it has proven to provide many unexpected challenges of damages that were not evident, it will be ok because its all fixable.  I just have to keep reminding myself of why it is ok, at least one or twice a week. More on that some other time.

What I have discovered in this little area of paradise are six people who have become dear, dear friends and enrich our lives continually. Everyone in this town is friendly, most have lived half a century or more, and most importantly heartwarming is the willingness to help each otherwhich is evident in 99% of all my interactions within the community. Where did these kind people come from?????  I have no idea, but one thing I know for sure is I'm glad I'm here. More details on the subject of this Paradise later.

I've joined the Eastern Shore Art League and will be joining their gallery. So, I must get busy creating jewelry from all these piles of glass beads I have made and get these jewelry items together asap. I've been sitting on my behind way too long. I'll post pics as I have them, I promise.

Wait, who am I promising? Myself, I suppose, its not like anyone reads this stuff anyway.

Perhaps someone will discover my blog and I'll keep watering it so my blog will blossom.
Meanwhile, here is some eye candy... love that glass!


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